We want to keep our tenants safe. We also want to keep the building you rent in the best possible condition. Since you are in the unit much more than we are, we depend on you to keep us appraised of any problems, repairs, or emergencies.

One emergency that can be life-threatening is a natural gas leak.
Natural gas is naturally invisible and odorless. The gas company has added a sulfur smell to help you identify a leak. If you come home and smell gas, this is what you should do:

Step 1: Call the gas company and/or 911 and get their direction on whether it’s safe to do anything further

Step 2: Do Not Use Electrical Items or Light a Flame

If there is a considerable amount of gas in your house or apartment – there is a very strong smell – then do not turn on any appliances, use electrical switches, doorbells, telephones, cell phones or anything that could cause a spark. Do not light a match or lighter to “burn off” the gas or search for the leak. Do not smoke in the house.

Step 3: Open all Windows Unless You Were Already Directed to Vacate

You need to get the gas out of your apartment. Open all the windows – even if it is winter. The gas will escape quickly.

Step 4: Find the Source of the Leak Unless You Were Already Directed to Vacate

The first place to check is the stove. Are all the burners off? Now check the oven? Is it off too? If the smell is coming from the stove but the burners are all off, turn the shut-off valve that is behind the stove. If the stove was leaking and you have shut it off, move to Step 3

The leak could be coming from the main natural gas line. Look outside of the home where you believe the gas line enters the house. Signs of a leak include discolored or dead vegetation, dense fog, a slight mist of ice, or unexplained frozen ground around the pipe.

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Step 5: Call 911, then MoveZen

If you cannot locate the source of the leak or are unable to shut it off, take your cell phone, leave the unit and call 911 or notify the gas company from the street. Also, call MoveZen Property Management and notify us of the issue.

Step 6: Notify Your Neighbors

If you are living in an apartment building, be kind and let your neighbors know. Perhaps they are the source of the leak and can shut it off. At the least, encourage them to wait outside with you if they smell gas as well. Emergency vehicles are on their way.

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