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With MoveZen 3D scans and tours, potential residents can measure rooms, appliances, and pretty much anything

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With our wall-to-wall 3D Virtual Tours, we digitally scan literally every square inch of our rental homes, meaning no other method is closer to an in-person viewing, and boy, are we’re seeing results!  When the COVID-19 panic set in we began renting our homes shockingly fast and the pace never relented all thanks to this technology! Renters consistently cite our 3D virtual tours and ease of access as the reason they chose the house they chose to call home. With the ability to view eye-catching details and measure any object or room size, it’s no wonder we’re seeing so many applications for our rental homes.

MoveZen has long employed many cutting-edge tools that now seem custom-built for the distancing challenges of today. Our cameras & software create virtual tours similar to Google StreetView, but of your house! Potential residents can even don a VR headset or click along on their smartphone or computer and walk through the home from anywhere in the world as if they’re inside.

Coupled with our 3D scan & measure technology, we also employ self-access showings using quick, convenient, and advanced digital in-person tour scheduling with the help of Tenant Turner software. When you make showings simple, fast, and convenient you beat the competition to the best tenants. Our software allows tenants to view many of our rentals at a moment’s notice, free of health concerns, and faster than our competition. We’ve often approved their application by the time other showings become available

” Game Changer For Housing “

In all of my time working in rental real estate, I have never seen homes go on and off the market so quickly. With the influx of out-of-town movers and our recent pandemic, 3D Virtual Tours are a real game-changer for housing! Any company not using these is truly missing out.
Jordan Davey
Rental Home Professional

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