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MoveZen Property Management Tries To Make Rental Viewings As Easy As Possible

  • Click below, find the home you want to view & register your information
  • Choose your preferred time when available
  • Determine if your showing is confirmed or the property is not quite ready and on a wait list
  • Arrive at the home as scheduled or await our update on when showings begin
  • If you’re accessing the home with a self-access showing, be sure you understand that process before you head out

FAQ’s | Application Acceptance, Process, & General Information

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Thanks for your interest in being a MoveZen resident.  Because we handle such a wide variety of home types, from one-bedroom condos to 8 bedroom estates, we can’t set uniform policies often, especially on application acceptance.  Instead, we try to outline general information that we use to advise landlords when they are deciding on an application.  Issues such as our opinion that medical collections tend to be a low-risk issue, and to some degree education loans.  The following information covers the application process as well as general questions regarding the move in and out process and features available to help make renting from MoveZen convenient, consistent, and enjoyable

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View a Sample MoveZen Property Management Lease Agreement

Our relatively standard and common lease is written by the Bar Association and does a good job of protecting both tenants and rental owners given the laws in our area

Key General Points

  • All MoveZen homes are non-smoking
  • We try hard to be kind to great tenants
  • We are tough on tenants who won’t follow reasonable rules
  • We follow the golden rule and try to align ourselves with landlords and renters, who do as well
  • We have online portals for auto payments, financials, document sharing, and maintenance reporting
  • In most cases we try to rent solid, but not perfect homes. There are many reasons but ultimately most renters don’t want to pay for perfection and we’ve found a targeted approach to requests makes a small budget go much further
  • We partner with mostly great owners, however, some problems slip by us. At the end of the day, the owner of the home has the final say on almost every decision.  We do a good job of keeping them within our policy and advice, but we’re far from 100%
  • All things being equal, the renter moving the fastest is typically chosen between two applications

Meet The Prized MoveZen Team

self access showing rental

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Two parents co-signing a lease for their daughter.

Co-signers for Rental Homes

Renting a home is an important decision that requires careful consideration, both for residents and landlords. In some cases, residents may not meet the income or credit requirements set by landlords, making it challenging for them to secure a rental property. However, there is a solution that can benefit both parties involved: the use of…
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Happy women with money in her hand.

How to Get Your Full Deposit Back

Renting an apartment or a house can be a daunting process, especially when it involves a significant amount of money just to move in. Some renters fear they may never see this deposit again. However, with the right steps and precautions, you can make sure you get your full deposit back when you move out….
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