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Getting Started With Our Unrivaled Property Management System

To get started fast, we really only need three things from our landlord clients. A signed management agreement, a property in good condition, and keys. You can find sample copies of common forms below. We have a detailed “Next Steps to Rent Your Home” ebook below as well

New Property Procedures

Once we have paperwork and keys we take photos and 3D Scan on the first sunny day after the home is ready. Assuming the home is vacant, we’ll also put on a Tenant Turner Lockbox with digital scheduling and contactless showings when available. From there we’ll build a second to none listing presentation for Zillow,,, Facebook, etc

Many of our homes are rented within 30 days. We use a systematic approach when reducing rental rates with open communication with our homeowners being first and foremost. Pricing is not a science but an art; Our system of systematic reductions and real-time stats tracking makes this process very easy and understandable

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Get a MoveZen Rent Rate Evaluation

One of the Most Important Steps to Renting Your Home is Setting the Rental Rate

The MoveZen rental evaluation is compiled by “people” using real-world comparable past and active rental listing data. This is not just a report from the same algorithm every company uses, it’s the professional opinion of multiple experienced property managers

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