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Our Revenue Growth Rate Since COVID-19 Began, With No Fee Increases

Multi-Family & Apartment Management Results

MoveZen Property Management has quickly built an unparalleled 5-star reputation amongst residents and multi-family investors. With offices across 5 major markets and expanding into 3 more in 2022, few regional apartment management companies can strike the exceptional balance that we have of utilizing state-of-the-art multi-family rental management tools while truly being able to say this is great property management near me that I can personally meet with

We are members of NAA (National Apartment Association), NARPM (National Association of Rental Property Managers), NAR (National Association of Realtors), Many Chambers of Commerce, as well as the AANC (Apartment Association of North Carolina). MoveZen is one of if not the highest-rated apartment management companies in every market where we operate

As investors in multi-family, we have witnessed a lot of change in the sector. Given low rates, risk in stocks, and bonds, investors have been paying high figures for multi-family buildings. While overpaying is never a great idea, apartment complexes are the best investment to be aggressive with because few sectors are more resilient than middle-income rentals

  • Apartment Management
  • Renovation & Repair
  • Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Financial Reporting
  • Apartment Investment Consulting
  • Management & Staff That’s Second to None
  • 3D Virtual Tours
  • Scale Floorplans
  • Virtual Staging
  • Aerial Drone Footage
  • Apartment Investment Services
  • Corporate Rentals

The MoveZen Way

Case Study

See how MoveZen took one Cary NC community from $75,000 annual free cash flow, to $122,000 in 6 years while making significant improvements and transitioning from Class C to a Class B complex

Why MoveZen

While MoveZen employs all the latest rental technology, from 3D virtual tours, virtual staging, scale floorplans, to aerial drone footage, & more, the real MoveZen edge comes from our amazing executive team and staff

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Case Study | A Master Class in Apartment Management

A Cary NC Turnaround

When two retired doctors who spent a good bit of their golden years volunteering their much-needed services abroad approached MoveZen about taking over their 10 unit multi-family rental community, stabilizing the declining building and community was absolutely crucial in protecting their ability to continue their charitable lifestyle. We took this challenge with the goal of turning it into a premier community

It is true this community was a diamond in the rough and our greatest success story, but we have a host of customers with similar stories and exceptional bottom-line cash flow results. This example leaves no doubt that MoveZen is more than capable of hitting the ground running with a Class A property, or turning around a barely hanging on Class C. We began management just before 2014 and still manage to this day. While rare these days for a bustling multi-family investment not to change hands every few years, we still manage The Waterford community and look forward to updating this study with continued exceptional performance

The Challenges

  • 1970’s Building with no updates and significant lack of repairs
  • Creekside and shaded with significant, moisture and bug problems
  • Sketchy tenant base
  • No outside funding but still had to maintain steady cash flow
  • Average rents under $500 for a 2 bedroom 2 bath in a major metro
  • Opportunity: An owner who was happy to let us operate

The Approach

  • Set a systematic repair & improvement budget, tied to revenue so that improvements rise with rents
  • Remove problem tenants and renovate those units first
  • Poll best residents for preferred common area improvements
  • Raise rents with improvements to building and community
  • Upgrade technology to improve vacancy and rates
  • Institute high credit standards and respect respectable residents so that when COVID struck we experienced almost no problems

The Results

From 2014 to the COVID-19 year of 2020 we delivered the following growth results in addition to systematically improving both property and tenant quality dramatically

  • Gross Income Increase: 51%
  • NOI Increase: 67%
  • 11+% Average NOI Increase from Year 1
  • Increased Purchase Cap Rate from 9% in Year 1, to 15.5% in 2020
  • Likely Doubled Property Value in Addition to Standard Market Appreciation
  • 2014 Gross Income: $107,963
  • 2014 NOI: $73,121
  • 2015 Gross Income: $119,179
  • 2015 NOI: $85,499
  • 2016 Gross Income: $129,613
  • 2016 NOI: $83,284
  • 2017 Gross Income: $140,354
  • 2017 NOI: $96,057
  • 2018 Gross Income: $141,651
  • 2018 NOI: $84,639
  • 2019 Gross Income: $155,775
  • 2019 NOI: $113,986
  • **2020 Gross Income: $163,820
  • **2020 NOI: $122,575

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Great Apartment Management Begins with Great Presentation

Great Apartment Management Begins with Great Presentation

3D Virtual Tours

The statistics leave no doubt, a high-quality 3D virtual tour combined with amazing photos will certainly increase your NOI quickly. MoveZen 3D scans all its multi-family units at no charge

Aerial Photos & Photography

We’ll provide aerial photos & HD video at no extra charge for multi-unit communities with more than 8 units, that aren’t in restricted areas

Multi-Family Floorplans

Floorplans are another standard feature for MoveZen investors with 5 or more units of the same layout

Multi-family floorplans are necessary to make the most of resident interactions
Multi-family apartment property management floorplan

Contactless Showings

Not only were contactless showings absolutely critical during COVID, but they’re also likely to be a major rental feature from this point forward. More importantly, they can dramatically increase NOI for a community on the cusp of needing to pay an on-site manager. Contactless showings can make the difference in added office and payroll cost


Staff Who Are Truly the Best in the Business

Our staff has earned over 1000 5 star reviews across hundreds of miles and multiple markets. We understand the importance of great customer service in the modern multi-family management environment of today. When things go wrong, we try to make it right and that’s the attitude that attracts great tenants

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