Showing & Accessing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We are testing a dynamic leader in real estate showing services mostly because it allows us dramatically more customization options. As a customer service focused company, rigid software and lack of choice for both our independent account managers and especially customers is a major problem.

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We have a full page dedicated to that found here.

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Our Matterport virtual tours are incredible. You can read all about the available features on their site here. To summarize you can measure square footage extremely accurately. When we post a scanned floorplan, this is interior square footage of the scanned space, so it’s never accurate overall, but it does give you a good idea. For manual measurements though you can get accuracy down to an inch with ease on a good computer. We haven’t tested them on Oculus or Apple Vision Pro but especially on Apple we assume measuring is seamless.

You also get a nearly complete view of the home. They also have a floorplan view, and a “dollhouse” view that looks literally like a dollhouse with walls missing etc.

Our staff often complete Facetime type in person tours as well. We can easily use Google Meet, Zoom, Teams.

You can view a summary of measuring our 3D tours here.

Matterport is the unquestioned leader in 3d rental housing virtual tours and is far superior to competition

Most likely it is not accurate. We never directly measure a home on our own, and never make any legal representations for that reason. Many third party sites post square footage, and we have to rely on that information to help us estimate repair costs and rental rates, but we always understand it’s a very flawed method, and you must as well. Even if it’s listed on our website it is probably not accurate and only used internally for estimation purposes.

We also use Matterport 3D scans which do highly accurate scans of most of our rentals. They are quite accurate on a room to room basis, but measuring square footage is complex and their method is not the same as real estate brokers use. We also never scan every room, closet, etc. So manual measurements that you might do using the scan directly are extremely accurate and can be used to roughly place furniture quite well. Auto generated measurements especially for the whole home will often be way off though.

They integrate with digital lockboxes by generating and providing access codes to potential residents for scheduled self-showings. That means they can fail at times. If you’re traveling a long distance or need certainty, notify us in advance.

While both Tenant Turner and ShowMojo offer similar functionality for scheduling showings, they may differ in features, pricing, and integration options with other property management software.

Tenant Turner and ShowMojo are a property management software that streamlines the scheduling of rental showings. It allows potential residents to view available properties and schedule showings at their convenience.

We are currently using ShowMojo in Our Charlotte and Rock Hill SC Markets Only as a Test / Pilot Program. All Charlotte Metro Showings Have To Use ShowMojo.

Digital lockboxes offer convenience, security, and efficiency. They allow for self-showings, reduce the need for physical key management, and provide a record of access.

A digital lockbox is a secure device that holds keys to a property. It can be opened using a code, which can be provided to potential residents for self-showings.

Even if you are already scheduled to meet someone, it’s important that they know this appointment is firm. Most are local and moving them isn’t a problem, so our normal approach could cause problems. Always notify us if you are making a major commitment for an appointment.

If you are using a combo lockbox for access ( a simple 4 digit mechanical code ) those boxes are much more reliable but notify us. 

ESPECIALLY if you are lined up for a digital box notify us, and also learn the basics before you leave. For example, if the battery is dead (something largely outside of our control), you can still make the box work by inserting a fresh 9 volt battery in the bottom. It’s a bit tricky but can save a long drive. It’s a simple slot and doesn’t matter what direction just put the charged prongs in the slot.

Obviously this is best if done during business hours to reduce risk.  If this is a major concern our policy is to switch to an in person meeting, or hide a key for you in advance as a backup.  Either way notify us, and let’s work together to make sure this helpful technology doesn’t fail us at the worst possible time.

Accompanied viewings are usually necessary when the property is currently occupied, for high-value properties, or when there are specific security or safety concerns.

Accompanied viewings are usually necessary when the property is currently occupied, for high-value properties, or when there are specific security or safety concerns.

Coming April of 2024 we will provide an update feed.

You never give a credit card with our system until you are ready to apply, then it’s via a system called Jotform. 

You do not use a credit card to view a home in any way. You are required to provide a state or federal photo ID for a showing to be confirmed. That includes in person for security purposes. 

You can upload it to the system or email it to us at rent at  or text it to 910.447.9495

Most of our owners will take section 8, but require a standard credit approval as we normally would on all homes. At the end of the day it’s their legal decision but we are convincing. We can double check on any property before you apply though, if you think you can get approved on our normal terms. Those details are outlined here