How to Successfully

Rent and Manage an Investment Rental Home

Property Management is tougher than ever, Especially Since 2020. Whether renting Your Own Home or Selecting the Best Property Management Company, the Stakes Have Never Been Higher.

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Steps to Successful Property Management

View a short presentation with tips on how to rent your own home from A to Z

The year 2020 was a game-changer for rental property management. For both private DIY landlords or decade-old property management companies with stellar reviews, managing a rental home and renters requires more expensive technology, time, patience, and hard work than it ever has before by a long shot.


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Of Our Owners, Own Less Than 2 Properties. Most Are Mom & Pop Accidental Landlords


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We’ve Donated Over $40k (Typically During Matching Pledges) to Mostly Local Charities, on Your Behalf

MoveZen-rental-home-rental-rate-estimate from real property managers, not an algorithm

Get a MoveZen Rent Rate Evaluation

One of the Most Important Steps to Renting Your Home is Setting the Rental Rate

The MoveZen rental evaluation is compiled by “people” using real-world comparable past and active rental listing data. This is not just a report from the same algorithm every company uses, it’s the professional opinion of multiple experienced property managers.

3D Wall-to-Wall Virtual Rental Tours

MoveZen is the Only Property Management Company In Our Area Consistently Offering 3D Wall-to-Wall Virtual Tours, But Wait, There’s More…

MoveZen Named to Inc 5000 Regionals List

Inc Magazine Recognizes MoveZen Property Management as the NO. 119 Leading Company on the Inc 5000 Regionals List, Mid-Atlantic Region

WILMINGTON, NC (February 27, 2024) – MoveZen Property Management, a unique and dynamic leader in the property management sector, proudly announced today that it has earned 119th place on the Inc. 5000 Regionals: Mid-Atlantic list of leading companies for 2024.

Important Steps to Rent Your Home Out from A to Z

Step by step checklist for getting a home rented, and link to the full property management guide

Step 1 to for the question of how to rent my house? Consider your general strategy

1 Consider strengths and weaknesses for your home and location and consider special strategies to utilize them.  Is it a college area? If so, you’ll likely handle a lot differently from low income, or a suburb

rental space
Step 2 to rent your own townhome. Get the rental in great shape

2 Get the property in show-ready condition by handling repairs, but also low-cost aesthetic fixes like spray painting rusted AC grates, and other things that really stand out.  A sure way to attract sub-par tenants and repel the rest is to show a home with unrepaired issues

Step 3 for the question of how to rent my own home? The crucial issue of pet friendly

3 Decide whether you’re going to allow pets or not.  Before you decide, know that for most landlords it’s the single best thing you can do to increase your “bottom line” profit over the long term.  More on this subject here 

rental space
Step 4 to renting your home yourself is perhaps most important of all, setting the rental rate.

4 Set a rental rate that will balance a minor amount of time on market hassle, with monthly rate.  Whether in the form of owner-occupied showings, stress, or vacancy. Most owners fail to properly account for these subtle but real costs, especially vacancy.  Vacant homes are much more costly than most account for. We can provide a free rental rate estimate compiled by people, not an algorithm, here

21 Tips for Great Rental Listing Photographs

21 Tips for Great Rental Listing Photographs

Free Self Property Management Software for Applications, Payments

Free Self Property Management Software for Applications, Payments

Self-Managed Landlord Presentation, Marketing & Showing Service

Self-Managed Landlord Presentation, Marketing & Showing Service

The MoveZen Property Management Edge

These days it’s a nightmare trying to keep up with constantly evolving rules around whether rentals are allowed in certain areas. Once simple matters now trip up landlords and even experienced property managers consistently, from restrictions on the length of lease terms, when and what you can evict a renter for, how to handle leftover personal property, companion animals, and what constitutes an enforceable lease to name just a few. Add to this the complex social issues surrounding renters who were frequently left behind as inequality exploded in a post-COVID world, and it’s our firm belief that for most owners a great property management company these days is worth its weight in gold.

See what sets us apart and what we feel makes our service a value worth taking advantage of.

The key to our success is kaizen, or constant improvement

In our minds, a great property management company never stops learning or striving for better results. You’ll find that our team is dedicated to the improvement of all of our rental home investment properties, in a multitude of ways. No one knows the market and its ever-changing dynamics better. From the relentless rise in repair costs that landlords have dealt with recently, to the importance of long-term relationships and planning, we’ve got it covered. Communication always will be a number one priority and should come naturally for any great nearby property management company. From the first conversation to the last, our homeowners and tenants feel secure knowing we don’t just work for them, we work with them!

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Learn a General Overview of the MoveZen Customer & Property Management Way

Our Staff is Proud to Make Shared Sacrifices for Charitable Company Initiatives

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Literacy Council
  • Hospice & Lifecare
  • Local not national ASPCA’s
  • Red Cross
  • Beagle Rescue
  • Foodbank
MoveZen is a prolific local charity contributor

Mostly Local, & Typically Matched

Over the past 5 years, MoveZen has donated tens of thousands of dollars to charity. While we often give to the Red Cross during major disasters, most of our donations are to local, smaller charities in the cities and towns where we operate. Most of our donations are also timed to take advantage of matching pledges by various fortune 500 companies and other major organizations.

Appfolio, the World Leader in Property Management Software

Appfolio, the World Leader in Property Management Software

High-tech software rental investors love


Amazing Partners & Affiliates

Inc Magazine Inc 5000 Regionals Mid Atlantic
NARPM, national-association-of-residential-property-managers
chamber of commerce member
hud, housing and urban development
MoveZen Property Management Company Made in America

3 Exceptional Management Options. From DIY to Set it & Forget It

Full Property Management Service Is About The Same As A Cup Of Starbucks A Day. To View This As A Single Side By Side Image Switch To Desktop View On Your Mobile Phone

  • Pre-listing Rental Rate Analysis
    Pre-Marketing Property Report
    Basic Turnover & Improvements Assistance
    Professional Photographs
    High-Tech Matterport 3D Scan
    Exceptional Marketing Across All Major Rental Sites
    Oversee Showings & Renter Leads
    Criminal, Credit & More Application Processing
    Negotiate Terms & Secure Signed Lease
    Handle the Move-In Experience
    Monthly ACH Payments & Financial Reporting
    Collect Rent & Address Payment Issues
    Move Tenant Out, Handle Deposit Process
    Oversee All Maintenance Needs
    We List, Scan, Photo, & Setup on Our Showing Scheduler. You Do the Rest
    We Market & Lease the Home, You Manage Your Way from There DIY
    We Do It All from A to Z, Then Start Over When Needed

Ready to Get Your Rental on the MoveZen System?

Our ultimate goal is to maximize your bottom line income while minimizing headaches. This starts with our new owner onboard process

Thinking of Switching Property Management Companies?

Don’t let the unpleasant task of working with your current manager to close out your account hold you back, we’ll do it all. Just notify them once in writing, and we’ll do the rest

Property Management Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) Know the latest landlord-tenant laws [renter/tenant rights, landlord rights, and Fair Housing]

2) Decide if you will be renting yourself or hiring a property management company

3) Using real data, determine a sound rental rate for your market

4) Research how you will list your rental property online

5) Inspect the property and perform required maintenance

6) Take premier property photos and list the home

7) Schedule appointments and show the property

8) Secure a legally compliant & fair lease

9) Collect initial move-in payments

10) Oversee pre-move repair requests

11) Oversee move-in day, utility transfer, inevitable new user issues

Or, you could just hire us…

Renting out your home can be a very smart and lucrative decision when done properly. Determining up-front what costs and benefits to renting your home can be expected is crucial. Accurate pricing, knowing state and federal landlord laws, and understanding the future market trends are all pivotal in the success of your rental home.

The exact requirements can vary by state or municipality. Most areas do require a real estate license if you collect rent and deposits on someone else’s behalf. Simply put, your friend that used to work for an apartment complex cannot market your home, lease, or collect rental funds on your behalf unless licensed.

Without being partial, that’s really a preference question. However, here is our list of things to be on the lookout for in a great property manager:

Communication: Are your questions answer quickly, clearly, and kindly?

What do their property manager reviews have to say?

Has the rental process been explained clearly and do you agree with it?

Are their rental home listings clear and descriptive or rushed?

Property management company fees vary widely based on the type of service, season, and property management company you choose. Average monthly fees can be around 10% while some companies may charge a flat monthly rate

Being a landlord can be both fun and easy. With free property, management software available ( do-it-yourself landlords have never had it easier! However, the largest sacrifice to be a landlord is time, and stress. Advertising your rental home, processing applications, emergency maintenance calls, and the unfortunate eviction can quickly wipe out a huge amount of what you might save by passing on hiring tax-deductible superior property management services. That said, a poor rental management company can cause headaches of their own, so it’s a matter of finding a great one. If you do, they’re worth their weight in gold

According to RocketHomes.Com,“When you sell a home, that’s the extent of the money you will make on the property. But if you hold it as a rental, you could continue to earn money every month, realize tax advantages and, ideally, see appreciation.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! With the expanding real estate market, now is the perfect time to invest in rental property. The US government has built a system where the easiest and most consistent path to wealth is owning exceptionally managed rental homes

Yes! Property management fees, and even most maintenance items, are tax-deductible as they pertain to your rental property

Rental Investor Featured News & Posts

Inc Magazine Inc 5000 Regionals Mid Atlantic

Press Release WILMINGTON, NC (February 27, 2024): Inc Magazine Recognizes MoveZen Property Management as the NO. 119 Leading Company on the Inc 5000 Regionals List, Mid-Atlantic Region

Press Release WILMINGTON, NC (February 27, 2024): Inc Magazine Recognizes MoveZen Property Management as the NO. 119 Leading Company on the Inc 5000 Regionals List, Mid-Atlantic…
Read More Press Release WILMINGTON, NC (February 27, 2024): Inc Magazine Recognizes MoveZen Property Management as the NO. 119 Leading Company on the Inc 5000 Regionals List, Mid-Atlantic Region