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The following leading licensed real estate agents are available to discuss real estate sales, investment, and other housing service questions you might have. Any sales advice and services are handled under the license of their sales brokerage. MoveZen does not sell homes, but we support our managers in building their own local Housing-Verse with property management as one income stream, and one of many housing service offerings that they pursue.

NC Brokers & Provisional Brokers

Rachel McLaughlin

Customer Account Manager

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Rachel McLaughlin Licensed Broker and Leading Property Manager.

(919) 342-4929

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Lynn Setzer

Customer Account Manager

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(980) 236.1913

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Amber Reavis

Customer Account Manager

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Amber Reavis Raleigh NC Property Manager and Broker.

(919) 299-2548

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Leanna Carter

Customer Account Manager

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Leanna Carter Licensed Broker Independent Account Manager

(336) 510.9415

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Chad McDonald

Customer Account Manager

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Chad McDonald Licensed Broker Independent Account Manager

(850) 294.4151

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Celeste Kosek

Customer Account Manager

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Celeste Kosek leading property management broker movezen

(910) 338-1452

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Adam Abernathy

Customer Account Manager

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Adam Abernathy licensed broker property manager

(704) 909.7932

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We don’t directly handle sales, but we have many licensed brokers here who do. They register their license with another sales brokerage, and provide full service sales and similar needs through that broker.

So even if they’re managing your home, any sales activity is separate of MoveZen. We are not affiliated with sales activity at all, other than to support our partners in building the leading local Housing-Verse filled with helpful housing service offerings.

Anything rental or investment focused is handled by MoveZen, and anything sales related is handled via their sales brokerage, and they will make that clear very early on by covering the following disclosure document, “Working with Real Estate Agents”. While we require them to provide this transparency focused document, it again is in the context of their sales brokerage, not MoveZen.

MoveZen does not sell homes though we likely would receive a referal bonus from the sales brokerage.

Meet Our Licensed Brokers & Agents

Our licensed agents may be willing to provide consulting, contract, and other services for free or a small charge, and we can help them process those payments.

Our top goal with this service is to offer customers an avenue for customers who need housing services help to connect with licensed agents. Even if someone is a past referral, it’s possible they won’t want to work with that person again, so we don’t have a strict policy that disallows customers from choosing the agent they desire.

Our teammates though are trained heavily to demur on these offers as much as possible. It’s discouraged except to solve a customer problem, and we do have a formal mediation process to consider if they acted against our top sales side goal. Which is to provide a safe environment for sales agents to refer their clients to the wonderful benefits MoveZen has to offer without fear that they will be herded away from productive past relationships, to another division within the same company. We’re property managers first, that is our top priority and we don’t push sales heavily. We do provide convenient channels for owners to get where they need to be, combined with consistent training and guidance on what we consider to be fair play regarding commissions and referrals.

Working with Real Estate Agents

Note: As of July 1, 2001, real estate agents are required to provide prospective buyers or sellers with certain information at the first substantial contact, as per NC Real Estate Commission Rule 21 NCAC 58A.0104(c).

When buying or selling real estate, having a real estate agent assist you can be beneficial. Real estate agents can offer various services and work with you in different capacities. Depending on the transaction, agents might represent the seller, the buyer, or both. It’s important to understand the nature of the agent’s representation to ensure your interests are protected.

This brochure outlines the different types of working relationships you can have with a real estate agent, helping you decide which relationship best suits your needs. It also provides information about the services real estate agents can offer to buyers and sellers and explains how agents are compensated.

For Sellers

Seller’s Agent: If you’re selling real estate, you may choose to list your property with a real estate firm. By signing a listing agreement, you authorize the firm and its agents to represent you as your seller’s agent. The agreement should clearly state the services provided, your duties as a seller, and the compensation structure. It’s crucial to read and understand this agreement before signing.

Dual Agent: In some cases, the same agent or firm may represent both the seller and the buyer. This dual agency relationship requires clear consent from both parties and must be outlined in the listing agreement. While a dual agent must treat both parties fairly, their divided loyalty can pose challenges.

For Buyers

Buyer’s Agent: As a buyer, you can choose to have a real estate firm and its agents represent only your interests. A buyer’s agent is obligated to promote your best interests and provide you with all material facts that could influence your decisions. Compensation for a buyer’s agent can vary and should be agreed upon in a buyer agency agreement.

Dual Agent: Like sellers, buyers can also agree to a dual agency relationship, where the agent represents both the buyer and the seller. This arrangement should be clearly understood and agreed upon in writing.

Seller’s Agent Working with a Buyer: If you work with an agent who represents the seller, they can still assist you in finding and purchasing property. However, their primary obligation is to the seller, and they must try to obtain the best possible terms for the seller’s property.


Real estate transactions involve various working relationships with agents. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, it’s important to understand the nature of your relationship with your real estate agent and the services they provide. Always ensure that agreements are in writing and that you fully understand the terms before signing.

Yes it is!

We never interfere, but do encourage and invest heavily in building sales inventory for your brokers to close.

Thank you for taking the time to consider opportunities for our companies to work together.

It’s no secret real estate has been rather chaotic the last few years, and like you, we are constantly trying to figure out what long-term changes we are likely to see as a result.

We think low housing inventory in particular is set to get much worse with time. So much so that it’s our number one concern even on the property management side of the industry. We’re making major changes with this in mind, such as looking to acquire an HOA management company and entire built-to-rent communities.

We believe we have the solution to your inventory challenges. Or at least a way to alleviate the pressure.

We want to recruit your sales brokers to add property management income as an add-on revenue stream. Most importantly, we will not interfere in your sales business, but we will support it. Our solution to the inventory crisis is to begin building a “housing-verse” of real estate services that we can offer. We are property managers to the core, and that is our focus. Tenant representation, property management, and things clearly under that umbrella. Our approach is to partner with sales brokerages using a simple 25% referral agreement for sales rooted in our rental business, then heavily invest those funds in perpetuating the building of our housing-verse.

One drawback of our business is that we are involved with our customers day in and day out, often for years. Even if we do a great job for 5 years, if we do poorly in year 6 the relationship is ruined.

We came to realize that drawback also brings advantages, mainly the fact that we have their attention unlike few others do, for years and quite often their next major life change will involve buying or selling a home. We also earn such great returns many settle into a buying rhythm. Add to it that we mostly deliver exceptional results, and we control a lot of homeowner intentions when we do things well. We invest heavily in doing things well, and our customers trust us in a business where that is extremely rare.

We know the myths around property management, some true, some centering on a small number of very bad actors but we get great results, with little effort, and amazing residents. We’re a quality-first company across the board. Most of our owners are mom-and-pops who once lived in their rental home, and most of our residents had buy-ready credit at move-in by a wide margin. Those folks don’t cause a lot of major problems especially if you show them you are working hard to solve their problems.

We have a large, surprisingly drama-free business. The most stark proof of this is that we only evicted about 15 of our residents from 2020 to now. We have an amazing training process that can get a broker in working condition in about 40 hours. They would be leading property managers in our state within a few months and could serve as a one-stop shop for our clients handling sales via your brokerage and rentals via ours.

We are all in on a property management brokerage model which is surprisingly unique, but given the recent upheaval in our industry, it started to look extremely precisient. As real estate appears set to become more transactional, and the inventory crisis appears likely to deepen dramatically before being addressed, an efficient method to deliver all types of housing services with convenience and trust will likely be necessary to ensure we have a product to sell and manage.

If you are interested in discussing what we’ve outlined here in depth you can reach out directly. We’re including materials to outline our strategy to become the leading property management brokerage in the country, and how that can benefit your brokers’ sales goals in the future. Also on the topic of our reputation for consistent results, care, and quality while being forged in the 2008 crisis and a global pandemic.

Please discuss these and make them available in your next sales meetings, and make it a recurring topic. We genuinely feel this is a phenomenal method to focus on the part of our industry we love most while delivering the benefits customers seem poised to demand. Let’s build on it together.

We would also be honored to have someone from our company speak with your brokers at your next sales meeting as well.

Thank you again for your time and for considering a partnership with MoveZen.

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