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Not All Rental Renovations Are Equal

​Often times when one looks to invest in an income property, the concern is whether or not the property will be attractive to the tenant. What we fail to discuss is whether the property will be kind to the landlord. Listed below are a few investments that we think will make your landlording experience much more enjoyable.

Invest in Manual-Locking Doors

While self-locking doors are thought to be safe and time-savers, they retroactively tend to increase the number of lock-outs on your property. And honestly, you can’t always just “run over with a spare key.” So, save yourself the hassle and replace your self-locking doors with manual locks.

Replace your High-Maintenance Yard

Your yard can look just as great with low-maintenance, drought-resisting plants. The implementation of a low-maintenance yard will you save you from having to get your tenant to keep up the lawn or hiring a gardener.

Consider Synthetic Siding and Trim

While wood exteriors definitely look great – typically, they require a considerable amount of up-keep. With synthetic siding and trim, you can get the same look without the hassle! Not only will the likelihood of mold, termites, and rot be decreased, you will also save on recurring maintenance cost like repainting and pressure washing.

Choosing the right renovations is crucial to investor ROI

Install easy-to-clean flooring and wall options

Using hardwood, tile, or stone flooring is durable for rentals and easy to clean. Also, re-painting your walls with eco-friendly washable paint will minimize the number of times you have to re-paint because these paints are wipeable and stain-resistant.

Grout-free showers are a must! (not all of us agree on this one)

Bathrooms are one of the areas of a house that show their age quickly because of moisture. Reducing the chance of mold growth around the tub and inside the shower by installing a one-piece bath or shower is worth it! Not only are they easy to clean, but they will also prevent mold damage from creeping underneath the surface.

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