“Is it listed on the MLS?” A question we receive regularly

“We actually get very few leads off of the MLS listings and the last two that I’ve received in the past three months were for tenants looking for short-term leases…” –Jordan Davey, MoveZen.

As a MoveZen employee, this is one of the most common questions we hear. More common in home sales, the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is a wonderful jargon acronym people love to use. It’s a creative tool for real estate firms to share homes currently available on the market all on one direct site. So what’s the problem? Ask any renter in the last 6 months how they found their new home and you’ll have your answer. Websites like Realtor.com, Zillow.com, and various additional home searching sites have become the norm in the new home searching process. And while we do list our current available rentals on the MLS, we rarely find a long-lasting tenant. The majority of our MLS leads want short-term leases while their “…new home is being built.” However, never wanting to miss an opportunity, MoveZen has expanded our horizon to additional avenues.

Community is everything. Sprawling from the picturesque coast of Wilmington to the world-famous Appalachian Mountains, North Carolina has something to offer to everyone, much like MoveZen. Built from the ground up in one of America’s worst recessions, we’ve been able to not only grow in one city but throughout the entire state. Giving back has been the foundation of this journey and as we’ve grown, our efforts to collaborate with other great local and charitable organizations have too.

By joining groups like the Raleigh, Cary, Clayton/, and Concord/Kannapolis, North Brunswick, Chamber of Commerces’, the Triangle Apartment Association, Greater Charlotte Apartment Association, Shop Local Raleigh,  and Downtown Alliance, we’re able to reach our maximum potential in networking, awareness, and continued education. Being spotlit through these groups broadens MoveZen’s horizon to impact not only regionally but gives us direct access to the local communities.  Collaborating with local businesses and joining the culture of each town and city is what makes MoveZen stand out.

Constantly ahead of the game, innovatively, by joining forces and sharing experiences strengthens bonds and trust that we as a company revere. We strive to be more than your average rental company; you know the ones. We take each home, owner, tenant, and pet and give them the ‘old friends’ treatment; We’re more than just rentals! Need some design tips? Our constantly updated Pinterest is buzzing with trendy, new ideas; many of which come from our very own clients! Looking to do more charitable deeds? Join us! Every year we donate and participate in over 20 different events and organizations; The blood and food drive with the American Red Cross/ Habitat for Humanity during hurricane Florence, The World Literacy Foundation sponsorship, and our annual donations to the local ASCPA are just a few groups we work with closely!

That all sounds great, right? But aside from all of those great things, what does this mean to you, our reader? Well, if you’re one of our many investors, this means that traffic to our website increases, creating more viewers for your home, equaling shorter vacancy (less money lost). For our tenants (and future tenants) you’ll be able to more quickly access our availability, stay up-to-date on current trends and events, and even participate in a few of the activities these great organizations offer. All parties will be equipped with the most current, knowledgeable, and precise information from rental rates to the best local restaurants.

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