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Presentation, Marketing & Showing Service

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MoveZen is happy to offer an extremely affordable and powerful service to the DIY landlord who’d rather manage their own property and meet potential tenants but doesn’t want to pay for subscriptions, take listing photos, navigate dozens of rental sites, and even schedule showings. Here are the details of what’s included, and how to get started. These tools and services are provided while the home is on the rental market only

MoveZen offers exceptional tools for the self-managed landlord to maximize their rental investment

DIY Property Management Tools

3D Virtual Tours & Photos – Professional quality 3D virtual scans (just like walking through the home, a must-see), as well as the photos that are included. This media can also be purchased to own. For occupied properties, we’ll need a signed release as these scans cover nearly every square foot of the home

2nd to None Real Estate Marketing – List your own rental home on Zillow, Hotpads,,,, Rentmatch & more

For vacant homes, self-access, contactless showings are available by utilizing a “Codebox” electronic access system

Free property manager rental software for private apartment owners and private owner landlords- Free setup of a system created by, that allows you to accept applications, collect auto deposited rent, and maintenance requests for FREE!  Unfortunately, we’re not teachers so you’ll have to learn to use it, but the process is a breeze!  We’ll provide a video to help also

How MoveZen can help you rent your own home

How Renting Your Own Home Works

Please bear in mind this is a new initiative that we’re largely testing. There is no doubt that the tools and services are extremely valuable for homeowners and private apartment owners and private owner landlords, even if poorly used, but we’ll try to keep you very well updated during business hours. We will not be available after business hours, and because we haven’t allotted a significant amount of resources to this we could fall a bit behind at times. We can’t guarantee an update and communication schedule but you will have a great opportunity to let people know if you’re unhappy. One request we have for this service is that when finished, you leave an honest Google review regarding your experience with MoveZen. If things go well we’ll make this an important offering and build out the finer details

We won’t interact with your leads or interfere with your process in any way.  If contacted, we’ll auto-forward rental leads that we receive directly, or manually when needed.  Your listing will note that you should be contacted directly, but many will miss this or opt for the more convenient form

Homes to rent by owner listings on our website will also note that you should be contacted, and will be shown as owner self-managed, with the following rental tips – Here You’ll provide the details via a form, and we’ll try to stay on schedule to update twice a week, but this won’t be a guarantee

Contactless Property Showings

If your home is vacant we can provide an amazingly convenient tool through a service called ShowMojo that will allow renters to schedule to view your rental home, provide a copy of their ID, and use a one-time electronic lockbox code for tracked access.  Once done they frequently leave very helpful feedback.  While we can’t provide access to the system to private apartment owners, we can provide the information and generally manage the process behind the scenes to a reasonable degree.  Our goal is for a once-daily update, however, sometimes that won’t be feasible.  With this process, we can utilize a waitlist, though our advice in today’s COVID environment is to not list more than 10 days prior to the home being available to show, and the system will automatically notify and attempt to schedule with all leads once activated.  Once rented it’ll cancel all showings and notify your leads.  It will also collect loads of helpful feedback that we consistently use to improve our property presentations

Your property manager is a crucial asset

Only You Deal with the Renter Questions & Needs

In either case, we’ll direct leads to you by phone or email, and you’ll handle all of their needs from start to finish.  We won’t interact with them in any way other than to direct them to you, mostly automatically.  You’ll handle rental request follow up, showings, renter surveys, application, background and credit checks,  reference & income verification, repair negotiations, leasing, deposit & rent collection, move in, inspections, quotes, repairs, vendor payments, move out, deposit disposition, proper notices, and turnover

We’ll provide a few basic tips and resources to help you with the leasing process, and you should have no trouble quickly securing a phenomenal tenant move-in for your investment


To conserve resources we have to reserve this offering for luxury rentals renting at or above  1 BR – $800+,  2 BR – $1100,  3 BR – $1300,  4 BR – $1500,   No homes larger than 4 BR. Service areas include: Charlotte, Greensboro, Winston Salem, High Point, Triad markets only

Cost of Rental Marketing Service

$200 1BR
$300 2BR
$350 3BR
$425 4BR

Includes 75 days on market.  Each additional week will be $8. Expires after 120 days on market. Only available for one property per owner.  No room rentals, short terms, furnished, or owner living on site.  Only long-term unfurnished homes.  Because so much of the service is performed upfront, the cost is nonrefundable once a simple agreement is signed.  While it isn’t a requirement, we are offering this great service with the hope that whether good or bad, you will leave an honest Google review landlord management software setup – $35

Under no circumstance is any landlord that works with MoveZen allowed to discriminate against a protected class, for any reason.  We also require a high level of ethical standards similar to what we follow as members of NARPM

The federal Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination in housing based on a person’s:
     •  Race (any race)
     •  Color (any color)
     •  Religion (any religion or no religion)
     •  National Origin (any nationality)
     •  Sex (including gender identity)
     •  Familial Status (presence of children under 18 in family, pregnancy, or adults attempting to secure custody of children)
     •  Disability (handicap)

Common Problems

While our electronic lockboxes are extremely effective and efficient tools, especially in today’s socially distanced world, like all technology they do fail.  The batteries in particular frequently go dead, especially on a busy listing. In those instances, if we can’t swap the battery very quickly we’ll notify you. It will inevitably lead to irritation when it occurs.  Please bear with us it’s unavoidable. They also sometimes simply malfunction / jam and we’ll deal with those as quickly as possible. Tenants frequently lock the key in the house and render the box useless until we replace the key.  These and other similar issues do arise, and it is relatively disruptive during busy times.  Unfortunately, we’ve tried dozens of models and to offer this service, these are issues we must accept

Tenants often leave blistering viewing reviews.  First, don’t shoot the messenger.  Second, just know especially in 2020 this is common and rarely says much about your unit unless several mention the same issue.  We do see significant improvements by responding to repeated feedback

While we have had almost no problems using this method on a very wide scale, obviously there are security risks.  However there are also risks with in-person showings (financial in particular), and we have found that especially for a hot listing there is no better way to police a home, because there is a constant flow of visitors, and viewers know someone will be right behind them

Rental Tips

Don’t let a tenant move in until they have paid one month’s rent and one month’s deposit.  Insist early on that these either be paid 5 days in advance, or be certified funds. Make sure all utilities are transferred before you hand over keys.  Be responsive to reasonable needs.  Spending a little money at move-in, even for questionable requests can set up a great relationship, especially if you handle the expectations well in the process.  Be clear, firm, patient.  Don’t mix management with personal or investment needs.  Don’t agree to rent credits for repairs unless the situation is going extremely well and it’s simple. Private apartment owners and homeowners, you absolutely must background check every application and the software (as well as others we can recommend) offer this service for free with relative ease.  You also want to make it clear in your ad or at first contact that you will background check. This simple tip alone will head off many problems. If you have a great tenant then take great care of them.  Most great tenants can easily buy a home, so we’re very lucky to have their very low-risk income stream, and might need to take more steps to keep them happy.  It’s the best money you’ll ever spend