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Greenville South Carolina continues to gain popularity as a great place to live and is considered by many to be one of the fastest growing cities. From urban living in downtown areas to country life in rural communities, residents love the charm of their city without sacrificing affordability. With so much to offer, we’ve compiled a list of the best neighborhoods in Greenville, SC.

Greenville is home to several universities including Furman University, Presbyterian College, and Erskine College. The area has many shopping centers that offer everything from grocery stores to restaurants. Residents can find plenty of entertainment options with theaters, museums, and music venues all within easy reach.

With everything it has to offer, not to mention a thriving real estate market, it’s no wonder why so many are flocking to the area. With the median home price around $360k, homes in this area are more affordable than most areas of the country. So if you’re in the market to move to this charming area and are looking for some of the best neighborhoods in Greenville, SC to move to, we’ve got the perfect list to start with! 

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Richmond Hills

Richmond Hills is described as the ideal neighborhood in any popular movie. A quaint suburban area, homes in this neighborhood were mostly constructed in the early 2000’s and offer single-family homes in a wide range of sizes. Rents in the neighborhood average $1213 with the median home price around $217,369 making this the perfect location for anyone looking for their first home in the area. Just minutes from the bustling Downtown District, residents in this area enjoy a quiet and peaceful evening while having all the fun Greenville has to offer just moments away. 

West Greenville

Old-world charm meets modern trendy style is this neighborhood minutes from downtown. This area has been undergoing revitalization for a number of years now making this one of the most popular locations in the area. Named as one of the top neighborhoods to watch by Forbes Magazine this area has a “heavy emphasis on the arts and independent creative business” says Forbes. Local artists, restaurants, and breweries line the streets in the family-friendly district making this the go-to location for weekend and evening fun. Rents in this area are still below the national average at around $1700 a month while the median home price hovers around $525,000. 


This historic neighborhood of Overbrook was the first suburban neighborhood built in Greenville. Made possible by the expanding Trolly Line, white-collar workers made this area their homestead while easy travel to downtown gave residents more area to spread out in. Lined with historic homes, this area quickly grew in popularity over the years for its family-friendly atmosphere and high community involvement. With rents averaging around $1500, this caring community is perfect for those new to the area who also want to be in close proximity to its bustling downtown. 

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Alta Vista

Surrounded by beautiful parks and hiking trails, specifically Swamp Rabbit Trail, this beautiful community is rich with history and luxury homes. Just south of Reedy River, home buyers in this area are bringing this neighborhood to the modern world while embracing its historic past. While on the pricier side, many long-standing residents claim that this area is out of a suburban fairytale citing it to be one of the safest neighborhoods around. Home prices in this area can range from $200,000 up to $2 million. 

Augusta Road

Popular amongst college students for its reasonably affordable homes and proximity to Greenville Technical College Barton Campus, this area is said to have a “thriving job market, great schools, and a moderate climate”. Home to the Greenville Country Club, residents of this upscale community enjoy all the perks of outdoor living while also having one of the oldest and most prestigious shopping districts to call their own. The Greenville Journal even notes that Augusta Road is “not just a place but a way of life” noting that this area was one of the most important places in Greenville South Carolina’s growth and the heart of downtown. Homes in this popular neighborhood average in the upper $600,000 range. 

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North Main

North Main is just north of Greenville’s downtown district and is one of the oldest communities in the area. Comprised of McPhearson Park and Viola Street neighborhoods, this area is home to the oldest residence in Greenville South Carolina – Whitehall. With direct access to the center of downtown, this area became popular for its quick commutes, access to city parks, and family-friendly community. Residential homes in North Main range in price between $140k to $1.25 million

Travelers Rest

Travelers Rest, or TR as the locals call it, is situated just north of the Greenvilles Downtown area. A popular spot for outdoor enthusiasts, artists, and college students, TR is rich with culture. Just minutes from Furman University, this area is known to have a youthful feel and deep seeded college spirit. An idealistic small town feel gives a warm sense of strong community to its residents. Homes in this area average around $400,000 while rent hovers around $1600 and up. 

The Best Neighborhoods In Greenville, SC

These are just a few of the popular residential neighborhoods popular amongst those living in Greenville, South Carolina. Known as a historic city, residents enjoy a high quality of life, a strong housing market, great job opportunities, and endless possibilities. Greenville’s convenient location to robust shopping districts, exciting outdoor activity opportunities, and close proximity to major city Charlotte, North Carolina make this one of the hottest locations to move to. 

For those looking for a change of pace, give us a call today! We’re sure our southern hospitality will charm you just as much as this beautiful community will. 

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