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Zillow Rental Manager Unlocks a Ton of Value for Both Potential Renters and Rental Investors


A Few Zillow Rentals FAQ Questions We Often Get

Our applications are portable, or reusable, because the renter only has to pay once but can submit an application to an unlimited number of participating landlords within a 30-day period. Credit and background check information is pulled once during the 30 day period.

The credit report is provided by Experian, one of the three major credit reporting  bureaus. The background check is performed by CIC, a leader in providing accurate criminal and eviction data.

Most credit and background checks will be returned within minutes. On rare occasions, background report requests require a manual review, which can take up to 24 hours. We will let you know if this is the case.

Some partners on Zillow, such as apartment communities or other multi-family rental properties, are not eligible to use Zillow applications. Please reach out to these properties using the contact form or phone number on their listing to understand their particular application process.

While we encourage landlords and property managers to accept Zillow applications, they are entitled to use any application service they want.

Generally, if you see an “Apply now” button or any other verbiage indicating that a property accepts Zillow applications, you should be able to apply without any additional fees

Applications are currently available for participating listings on Zillow, Trulia, and Hotpads. While it is possible to apply for listings on Trulia and Hotpads, the applications are now processed through Zillow.

If you have applications previously paid for on Trulia and Hotpads, you will still be able to see them on the Trulia & Hotpads applications dashboard, but they won’t show up on your Zillow applications dashboard.

A common reason for a credit report not displaying a credit score is because no records exist to create the report. This can happen if you have not opened a credit account, or if none of your accounts have been reported to Experian. 

Additionally, if you have submitted incorrect information when filling out your Identity verification, your credit report will not generate properly.

Each rental application includes a credit report from Experian, and a criminal background check and eviction record from CIC, except in cases where the reports are modified to reflect state and local laws. 

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Free Listing Postings

For Landlords:

One of the primary offerings by Zillow Rental Manager is the ability to post rental listings for free. This is an extraordinary feature, as it enables landlords to instantly reach millions of potential renters searching for properties each month. Leveraging Zillow’s substantial online footprint accelerates the leasing cycle, reducing vacancy costs.

For Residents:

The free listings also benefit residents who now have a one-stop destination to browse multiple rental options. With an array of properties at their fingertips, finding a rental that aligns with their lifestyle and budget is simplified.

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Tenant Screening

For Landlords:

Zillow Rental Manager allows landlords to screen tenants using online rental applications. These applications not only speed up the vetting process but also include background checks, credit reports, eviction history, and income verification. Having all of this information in one integrated platform enables landlords to make more informed decisions quickly.

For Residents:

Residents can also take advantage of Zillow’s seamless screening process. Unlike traditional methods that often require multiple forms and in-person submissions, Zillow streamlines this into a more user-friendly, digital experience.

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E-signing Lease Agreements

For Landlords:

ZRM offers an online lease builder complete with templates drafted by local law firms, making it easy to create legally compliant agreements. Landlords can also upload their lease agreements and enable e-signatures, further speeding up the leasing process.

For Residents:

For residents, this simplifies what can often be a tedious, paper-heavy procedure, providing a more efficient and straightforward method of lease signing.

With Mobile Zillow Tools Handle All Your Needs

Rent Collection

For Landlords:

Landlords can enjoy the hassle-free convenience of automated rent collection. All payments, including rent, utilities, and move-in fees, are deposited straight into their bank account. This not only improves cash flow but also minimizes administrative work.

For Residents:

From a resident’s standpoint, automatic online payments ensure that they can meet their rental obligations effortlessly, without the need for checks or bank visits.

Premium Features

For Landlords:

For a one-time fee, landlords can avail themselves of Zillow’s premium features. This includes increased exposure for listings, pricing and market insights, and customized listing recommendations.

For Residents:

While the premium features are designed for landlords, residents benefit indirectly as these advanced capabilities lead to better-managed properties and a more streamlined rental experience.

Simple quick payment options are a big draw for residents and landlords

Reusability of Applications

For Residents:

A unique feature Zillow offers to residents is the reusability of applications. This is particularly advantageous for those who frequently change rentals. However, this feature’s adoption is currently limited mainly to private landlords. Larger property management firms, often using integrated software solutions, have not yet widely adopted this feature.

For Landlords:

Though not yet mainstream among large property management companies, this reusability can facilitate quicker turnaround times for landlords who operate on a smaller scale, ultimately filling vacancies faster.


Zillow Rental Manager revolutionizes how landlords and residents interact, by offering an array of integrated, user-friendly tools designed to simplify property management. Its profound impact extends to reducing administrative burdens, quickening the leasing process, and creating a more streamlined, effective rental ecosystem.

While adoption among larger property management firms has been slow, particularly for the reusability feature, Zillow’s platform offers a rich set of capabilities that can dramatically improve the property rental landscape for both landlords and residents.

As Zillow continues to expand its features and reach, it’s worth watching how this digital transformation will continue to shape the future of property management, both for landlords and residents alike.

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