Since 2006, MoveZen Property Management has strived to outperform not only the competition but ourselves. Over these last almost 20 years, to say we’ve seen it all would be an understatement. The housing crash of 2008 was one of the worst crashes in recent history. While many companies were unfortunately uprooted or permanently closed, MoveZen Property Management was able to see growth opportunities on the horizon.

The past few years have been anything but ordinary – especially for the real estate market. Much like home sales, the home rental market has been boosted even considering COVID19. Like never before, we have seen homes on the active market for less time and at higher rates. With the increased interest in North Carolina from out-of-state residents, the ratio of available homes and movers has yet to balance out. This year and many more next, we hope to be able to provide assistance and insight into the rental home market to both our homeowners and future tenants!

We’re thrilled to announce that MoveZen Property Management has once again laid roots in two of North Carolinas fastest growing areas; Greensboro and Winston-Salem, NC. Considered to be apart of the Triad Region, these bustlings metros are tucked conveniently in the middle of Raleigh and Charlotte, NC. This vibrant area has become popular for its strong and expanding economy, lively arts scene, and progressive health care system. Thanks to the joining forces of the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce and the Winston Salem Chamber of Commerce, the Triad Piedmont region has collectively made an impression of their community.  Networking opportunities provided by both Greensboro and Winston-Salem Chambers have given entrepreneurs along with new and existing residents peace of mind knowing that a strong community supports them.

Triad Local First has also been a leader in community affairs and creating a strong connection with locals. Compiled of only true local businesses, Triad Local First gives residents and other local businesses an easy way to discover what’s new around town. From the newest restaurant to the next main event, residents can find discounts and news around their community.

We’re so thrilled to be apart of such an involved community and apart of these amazing organizations. We look forward to being heavily involved with both the Winston-Salem and Greensboro Chamber of Commerce as well as Triad Local First and hope to play a huge role in both metros. Our extensive knowledge of the housing market and our ability to move quickly in changing times has given us an advantage over our competition. We hope to help as many Triad-Piedmont residents as possible by providing rental home management services to both homeowners and future tenants. Just imagine, property management so passionate, you’d think it was our home!

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