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Wilmington Rental Owner Information

Rental Owner Information

Need to know what your Wilmington NC home will rent for?

Need to know what your home will rent for?

Best Reviewed Wilmington Property Management Company

Our golden rule management philosophy has earned us hundreds of 5-star rental company reviews from New Hanover County rental owners and renters. We have an uncanny ability to find win-win-wins for owner, resident, and manager

Property Management Technology & Innovation

Long before a pandemic changed property management forever, MoveZen offered 3D virtual rental tours, contactless scheduling & showing, & more features Leland & Port City residents love

Press Release (February 27, 2024): Inc Magazine Recognizes MoveZen Property Management as the NO. 119 Leading Company on the Inc 5000 Regionals List, Mid-Atlantic Region : Read More

Inc Magazine Inc 5000 Regionals Mid Atlantic
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Important Steps to Rent Your Home Out from A to Z

Step by step checklist for getting a home rented, and link to the full property management guide

Step 1 to for the question of how to rent my house? Consider your general strategy

1 Consider strengths and weaknesses for your home and location and consider special strategies to utilize them.  Is it a college area? If so, you’ll likely handle a lot differently from low income, or a suburb

rental space
Step 2 to rent your own townhome. Get the rental in great shape

2 Get the property in show-ready condition by handling repairs, but also low-cost aesthetic fixes like spray painting rusted AC grates, and other things that really stand out.  A sure way to attract sub-par tenants and repel the rest is to show a home with unrepaired issues

Step 3 for the question of how to rent my own home? The crucial issue of pet friendly

3 Decide whether you’re going to allow pets or not.  Before you decide, know that for most landlords it’s the single best thing you can do to increase your “bottom line” profit over the long term.  More on this subject here 

rental space
Step 4 to renting your home yourself is perhaps most important of all, setting the rental rate.

4 Set a rental rate that will balance a minor amount of time on market hassle, with monthly rate.  Whether in the form of owner-occupied showings, stress, or vacancy. Most owners fail to properly account for these subtle but real costs, especially vacancy.  Vacant homes are much more costly than most account for. We can provide a free rental rate estimate compiled by people, not an algorithm, here

Unrivaled Property Management Tools & Results

  • Unmatched Customer Support | While we’re one of the most high-tech local property management companies in the business, we still deliver top-notch support to our renters and rental owners
  • Best Managed Quality Rental Selection in the Wilmington Area | MoveZen manages superior homes all over the Cape Fear area from Wilmington to Brunswick and Pender Counties. When you need a premier professionally managed rental home there’s no more consistent property manager!
  • Port City Rental Market News and Advice | MoveZen puts in a ton of effort to bring you local rental market information you can bank on. We source national news and combine it with our local, in the trenches experience to keep our investors well informed. That way they can make critical rent versus sell decisions with confidence. We create well-sourced, breaking, and accurate information on the rental market, rental search tools, Wilmington real estate investment, and local trends affecting our prized clients
  • 3D Virtual Tours | Feel like you’re walking through the home with 3D virtual home tours. An experience so clear, it’s like you’re really in the home. We hear every day from our North Carolina relocations that our virtual rental property presentations are a significant factor in choosing your home
  • Contactless Showings | Today’s renters value convenience & speed. Most of our rental home listings use our automated scheduling system 24/7 so potential renters can set up a showing with ease. It even prompts for feedback on the home’s condition, which provides us with actionable data. The bottom line is in 2024 on-demand access means less vacancy
  • We’re the Best Property Management Company Around | Consistently Excellent Results Across a Wider Area | Local property management & rental home services for the NC towns of Wilmington, Leland, Myrtle Grove, Ogden, Porters Neck, Mayfair, Landfall, Bayshore, Murrayville, Northchase, New Hanover County & the Beloved Port City
  • Discounts for Wilmington Area Hometown Heros | We offer both renter and landlord discounts to those who have dedicated their career to helping others in our local markets. Teachers, first responders, and military members should ask about our program
  • Discounts and Amazing Service / Offerings for Sophisticated Wilmington NC Multi-Family Apartment Investors in Need of Consistent Long-Term Wilmington NC Apartment Property Management Results. We’re the best property management group offering Wimingtons best rentals

Property Management Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) Know the latest landlord-tenant laws [renter/tenant rights, landlord rights, and Fair Housing]

2) Decide if you will be renting yourself or hiring a property management company

3) Using real data, determine a sound rental rate for your market

4) Research how you will list your rental property online

5) Inspect the property and perform required maintenance

6) Take premier property photos and list the home

7) Schedule appointments and show the property

8) Secure a legally compliant & fair lease

9) Collect initial move-in payments

10) Oversee pre-move repair requests

11) Oversee move-in day, utility transfer, inevitable new user issues

Or, you could just hire us…

Renting out your home can be a very smart and lucrative decision when done properly. Determining up-front what costs and benefits to renting your home can be expected is crucial. Accurate pricing, knowing state and federal landlord laws, and understanding the future market trends are all pivotal in the success of your rental home.

The exact requirements can vary by state or municipality. Most areas do require a real estate license if you collect rent and deposits on someone else’s behalf. Simply put, your friend that used to work for an apartment complex cannot market your home, lease, or collect rental funds on your behalf unless licensed.

Without being partial, that’s really a preference question. However, here is our list of things to be on the lookout for in a great property manager:

Communication: Are your questions answer quickly, clearly, and kindly?

What do their property manager reviews have to say?

Has the rental process been explained clearly and do you agree with it?

Are their rental home listings clear and descriptive or rushed?

Property management company fees vary widely based on the type of service, season, and property management company you choose. Average monthly fees can be around 10% while some companies may charge a flat monthly rate

Being a landlord can be both fun and easy. With free property, management software available ( do-it-yourself landlords have never had it easier! However, the largest sacrifice to be a landlord is time, and stress. Advertising your rental home, processing applications, emergency maintenance calls, and the unfortunate eviction can quickly wipe out a huge amount of what you might save by passing on hiring tax-deductible superior property management services. That said, a poor rental management company can cause headaches of their own, so it’s a matter of finding a great one. If you do, they’re worth their weight in gold

According to RocketHomes.Com,“When you sell a home, that’s the extent of the money you will make on the property. But if you hold it as a rental, you could continue to earn money every month, realize tax advantages and, ideally, see appreciation.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! With the expanding real estate market, now is the perfect time to invest in rental property. The US government has built a system where the easiest and most consistent path to wealth is owning exceptionally managed rental homes

Yes! Property management fees, and even most maintenance items, are tax-deductible as they pertain to your rental property

MoveZen Property Management believes in constantly looking to improve our technology, how we operate, and the service we provide our Wilmington NC rental owners.  Our mantra is kaizen

Kaizen, Continuous Improvement

From day one we’ve believed in making property management something more than just your average experience. MoveZen understands the importance of not just maintaining our homeowner’s investment property, but growing it too. Therefore over the years, we’ve helped thousands of homeowners find their perfect tenant while keeping maintenance costs down, and satisfaction high. What exactly makes a good landlord or local property management company?

Great property management companies never stop learning or fine tuning

In our minds, great local property management companies never stop learning or striving for better results. You’ll find that our team is dedicated to the improvement of our system and all of our rental home investment properties, in a multitude of ways. No one knows the market and its ever-changing dynamics better. From the relentless rise in repair costs that landlords have dealt with recently, to the importance of long-term relationships and planning, we’ve got it covered

Communication will always be a number one priority and should come naturally for any great nearby property management company. From the first conversation to the last, our homeowners and tenants feel secure knowing we don’t just work for them, we work with them!

Hands-Down Technology Leader

Things change fast these days, therefore it’s more important than ever to adjust the rental home process. We use nearly all of the most cutting-edge technology available to rental managers, enabling us to dramatically outperform our competing rental properties and managers. Always advancing, our self-showing touring methods coupled with our 3D Virtual Home Touring camera built for stunning presentations has drawn the attention of many local and out-of-state movers. Tenants have the ability to tour in person comfortably, privately, and securely with our self-access lockbox technology. A few simple steps from any computer or smartphone give future tenants immediate access to view homes on their schedule!  However, if you want a personal touch few managers are more responsive and understanding

Wilmington NC MoveZen Property Management Technology Leading Company
A note of appreciation for our Wilmington NC rental investment MoveZen owners

A Note for Our Rental Home Owners

If you’re a future rental owner, we implore you to do extensive research on local property management companies for comparison. As a result of our hands-on approach, it’s possible you may find our methods and practices don’t fit well with your personal rental investment property goals. Our company never claims to be perfect, however, we think you’ll see from our hundreds of Google reviews that we’re well worth your consideration. Our staff is happy to send you a no-obligation breakdown of what we believe your home is worth today and how we can work together to achieve your investment’s highest potential. All homeowners, tenants, & vendors who help us deliver great results -future and current- we thank you! We genuinely look forward to our future and continued partnerships and appreciate all of your hard work and dedication

A Note for Our Tenants & Renters

Looking to relocate from out of state and renting?  Nearly every MoveZen rental home comes with a complimentary 3D Virtual Home Tour for your convenience. Virtually tour from anywhere in the world with images so clear you’ll feel like you’re really there! Enjoy the ability to move through the home, measure, and design any space. It’s no wonder we’re fielding so many applications for our listings. Considering our focus on non-stop improvement, it was an easy decision to provide these tools for both our tenants and homeowners.  After all, it’s not often in this business that one decision can be a win for both renters and landlords, but that’s what our technology investments always are

A note to our amazing potential Wilmington property management residents that we care about your experience with our company, MoveZen
We look forward to working with our future MoveZen renters

To future tenants, we look forward to exploring our area with you on your rental home search. Our convenient rental process will surely excite and create a sense of ease. Please contact us if you have questions or are curious about upcoming Wilmington rentals. Our team of friendly and responsive account managers is ready to assist you

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Happy Customer Feedback

Mikayla Lander: I have experience in the real estate/leasing world of Wilmington, and I have to say I am very impressed with the ladies at MoveZen Property Management. They were incredibly helpful when I moved in last June, and anytime we needed maintenance or assistance with a roommate transfer they have been on top of it and a text away at all times. They truly care about helping people enjoy where they live. I have had experiences with many of the girls and all are wonderful but Celeste is an ABSOLUTE rockstar. Thank you so much for all you do!!!

Walt Hutsell: Maddie is the best account manager I have ever worked with during a rental process. MoveZen is much more accommodating and helpful than other property managers I have interacted with.

Tiffany Francis: My experience with Zen Property Management has been great so far. I’m currently renting a property through them, and Rachel has been phenomenal. She’s been an incredible advocate for me whenever issues arise, and their responses are always prompt. Hoping to continue to have great experiences through my lease!

Dianna McKenzie: I contacted MoveZen Property Management November 2019. My husband and I were fed up with our current big name property management company who did absolutely nothing for us. Our rental property was our home for 12 years. We were very emotionally invested in wonderful memories of our family living in this home. After 5 tenants and losing thousands of dollars due to no-payment and unforeseen move outs we were ready for a change. I decided to look for a new property management company. When I read about MoveZen Property Management online I was hooked! I had a feeling of comfort in my heart I knew this is what we needed. Ashlee Malone is my personal property manager. We hit it off from the start I could tell she was a class act! When she told me she was going to take care of an issue you better believe it was done! She got us good tenants with a $500 monthly increase in our rent! She always contacted me if there were mechanical problems at the property and got us some really good vendors that did not cost us a fortune. We feel so blessed to know our property is in good hands. Ashlee acts as though the property is hers and that is what we wanted someone who really CARED!! If you are thinking of using MoveZen Property Management you have found the right place!

Ryann Harris Scott: Maddie was a huge help with her prompt communication and follow-up. She helped get us through the application process and into our rental super easily!

Don Spina: We’re out-of-state landlords of a single property previously managed by MoveZen. It’s become clear that leaving our property in their hands without verifying their performance throughout the experience was a big mistake. Property was stolen by one of the last 2 tenants during move-out (a ladder and 3-pc patio set), and I had to inform them of the loss rather than the other way around. Then, after further inspection of the property, it became clear that the job their preferred service company did to replace a shower door in the main bath was botched. The door assembly is not properly placed and is the wrong size. I don’t know why the service has deteriorated so much over the past year or so, but be very very careful and use extreme oversight if you choose MoveZen going forward.

UPDATE: MoveZen has worked to get the ladder back to us, and reported that the tenant had either forgotten, or was unaware that her son had borrowed the ladder. Second, they contacted the prior tenant and learned she had thrown the patio set away due to apparent dry rot. We appreciate the work by MoveZen after the fact, but are still bothered that we had to raise a fuss to be heard, otherwise they would have taken the easiest path out of the relationship at our cost.

Dustin Martin: I am currently setting up my old apartment in Wilmington to rent. I am working with Kathleen Marshall from MoveZen Property Management to get it ready. She has been amazing from beginning until now. She has guided me with the whole process and has gone above and beyond to make sure that the property is being properly cared for during the whole renovation process. She doesn’t hesitate to properly communicate with me throughout the time to make sure all tasks and questions are being completed and answered. I highly recommend Kathleen Marshall to take care of your property needs in Wilmington.

Caitlyn Marshall: Amazing customer service! Highly recommend.

Lori Miller: Best around!!! Thank you so much.

Jordan Reuck: Taryn and the team at VPM were AMAZING through our entire rental process. The communication was prompt and polite, information was clear and easy to navigate, and all of this was done from 300 miles away while we relocated from Connecticut. They were flexible, understood our situation, and adjusted things here and there to make our experience seamless. Securing housing is usually THE most stressful part of a move, but Taryn and her team made housing the last thing we had to worry about and we are so grateful. We hope to not go through another move for a while, but if we did, we would absolutely use VPM again- no question!

Morgan Osborne: Jamie has been a great property manager! I have enjoyed corresponding with her and she is always very responsive and personable!! Always helpful with scheduling any maintenance issue. Thank you!!

Max Bress: Maddie was incredibly understanding, responsive, and friendly with my wife and me. We were able to rent our dream home with a massive backyard for our puppies in Wilmington and couldn’t be happier with the service that we received. 10/10 recommend.

Kari Morris: My rental experience with MoveZen Property Management has been wonderful. I worked exclusively with Jamie and she is an absolute gem! She is extremely efficient, super responsive, and goes above and beyond in all that she does. Jaimie’s warm and bubbly personality has me leaving here feeling like I have a true friend and not just a property manager!

Anastasia Katris:

Abigail B: I have been renting one of the properties for about 3 years so far. Taryn has been great at answering questions over the years and making sure I have everything I need. Any issues with the property have always been addressed quickly. It’s a great company!

Natasha Poarch: I have had the pleasure of working with MoveZen for almost 10 years now on multiple projects. Their professionalism, communication, and knowledge of the industry can’t be beat. Fantastic group!

Kate Foremny: When an issue arises it is addressed fast.

Chris McCoy: Worked with Maddie to manage my property and she did a fantastic job! She kept everything organized and was great at communicating what was needed. Thanks again and look forward to working together.

Kristen Walling: They are the best, always do a great job, quick responses, professional, problem solvers, very happy with MoveZen, grateful to have such a great property management company! Thanks Maddie!