Property Management

Residents, have you found the perfect apartment? Do you need to move like yesterday and this is the place? Here are some tips on what you can do to win over the heart of the landlord or their property management agent. This is what you can do to get your rental application approved.

Tip #1: Look Good

Never underestimate first impressions. The landlord knows they are taking a risk every time they put a new resident into their property. You want to assure them that you are a quality resident with high standards. This is something that you can’t always put on a rental application. How you appear when you drop off the application or meet for the showing will speak volumes.

Now we are not saying to show up in a suit and tie, but you should treat this like you would a job interview. Dress up a little. Iron the shirt. Comb your hair. Don’t come looking like you just jumped out of bed or have a hangover from an all-night party.

Another item that will make you look good is your car. A landlord, or their agent, is on the lookout for clues on how you will treat their property. If you open your car door and a McDonald’s bag tumbles out or the passenger seat is so cluttered that it would take a front-end loader to clean it off, what will that tell the landlord? Exactly. So tidy up the inside. Run her through a car wash. Spray some Febreze. It will help with the first impressions.

Tip #2: Be Prepared with Your Rental Application

If you want to nail the rental application process, then you need to be prepared. Make sure the rental application is complete – which includes the phone number or email addresses of your references. If you want to really show you are series, bring a written letter of reference from your past landlord and one from your current employer. Now that’s a way to wow them and make a great impression.

Do you want to take it up just one more notch? We know that the landlord is going to run a credit check on you. We also know that they have to pay for that credit check – but you can get one for free. So why not save them the hassle and include a copy of a recent credit report along with your rental application. If there are any not-so-nice items on it, then take a minute to explain what they are and what you are doing about it.

Tip #3: “Get the Money, Honey?”

Nothing will deflate a successful rental application and interview process then having to tell the landlord that you don’t have the security deposit and the first month’s rent quite yet. Regardless of the reason, the landlord is going to take one step back and begin to question whether you are worth the risk. If you are not prepared to pay now, how about next month or the month after? Do you really want to give them that impression? Before you apply for the house or the apartment, make sure you have your finances lined up.

If you apply these three easy tips when submitting your rental application, I guarantee you will have more success in getting that rental. All you need to do is (1) make a good impression, (2) be prepared with the information they need and (3) have your money on-hand. Do this and I bet your application will get approved!

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