When MoveZen Real Estate Property Management meets Southern Retreats Management Company, with a splash of MoveZen Moving Logisitics company – the combination is perfection. MoveZen real estate is an on-the-move company, focusing on partnering innovation and efficiency in the rental process with great locations. Merging the company’s strengths with Southern Retreats Management Company, VRE expects continued progress while keeping the boutique-feel that both companies possess.

southern-retreats-property-management-wilmington-ncMoveZen real estate is an experienced Raleigh, NC and Wilmington, NC area brokerage. Offering objective advice on all aspects of real estate brokerage, including property management, investment real estate, and sales. Unlike other firms, VRE is a neighborhood brand, here to serve clients who would like a lifetime, personal real estate advisor.

MoveZen is a logistics and marketing company that works to aid the public with the entire moving process as well as property managers with high quality property presentations, rental marketing, and lease consulting.

Southern Retreats is a company that focuses on putting the customer’s needs first, and getting the best results in the area when it comes to rental properties. Southern Retreat believes that the combination of the staff and resources will create a like-minded operation, one that customers can count on for the best possible option in rental solutions.

VRE agrees, the blending of these strong ingredients with similar flavor will ultimately provide the customer with better service and a memorable experience. Both business models strive to offer the personal-touch, despite outstanding growth. The additional resources this collaboration provides will benefit both the employees and landlords, engaging tenants in a seamless rental process.

As this merger progresses, all current employees will be retained, as well as adding several new positions. As mentioned, while growth is expected, the company is committed to retaining the personal touch customers have grown to expect.

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