Renting a place is a first step before owning a home; however, you have to follow the contract that you and your landlord have agreed upon. Depending on their requirements, this could mean you can’t do any major repairs, renovations, or alter the property without their approval. 

Some landlords are friendlier than others, but when you don’t leave the rental home exactly how it was when you got there, you could lose your security deposit. It’s usually the value of one to two months of rent, which is a significant amount of money. 

You want to feel safe in your home, but you also don’t want to install something significant that might damage or alter the rental house. We’ve got some tips for you to secure your place and also protect your deposit. 

Window Alarms 

You can purchase window alarms that work with sensors. When the security system recognizes that the window is opened or moved when it’s not supposed to, it will sound an alarm. It works with magnets, and when they separate, that’s when the program knows to react. 

You’ll have to attach the magnets to the window, but this can be done without any screws or nails. One side will be on the frame and the other on the moving part of the window if you’re still unsure about how these work, there’s an article that can help you understand more about the safety features. 

Add Outdoor Lighting 

Intruders will stay away from well-lit houses because it makes it easier for them to be seen. For you, this is a great feature to add to your rental home. If there’s a video system or street cameras, the more light there is, the easier to see what happened if there’s a robbery. 

You can buy motion-activated path lights that are easily installed and removed. The bottoms are pointed so that you can push them into the ground. They plug into an outdoor outlet or hook them up to an extension cord. 

When you’re going to move out, all you’ll have to do is lift them out. The hole created is usually small and can be quickly filled with dirt. If you’re worried your landlord will notice this, make sure to take out the lights with plenty of time for the earth to settle and grass to grow over the spots.

Buy a Safe

There are many portable safes that you can purchase to lock up all your valuables when not in use. This includes jewelry, important documents, passport, extra cash, and more. The safe should be waterproof, fire-resistant, and too heavy for someone to carry. 

Then, keep it in a well-hidden area such as a closet. Cover the safe with a sheet, or in a box, so even if someone went into the location, it won’t be obvious it’s safe. 

Ensure the security code is not an obvious number, such as your birth year, phone number, or street address number. An experienced burglar might do some research beforehand to try to open security codes. 

Safes are a perfect way to add security to your rental home that won’t alter the house. In the off chance, someone does break into your home, you’ll know that all your most valuable things weren’t stolen. 

The Bottom Line of a Safe Rental Home

Keeping a safe rental home wherever you live is a critical feature. When the home you’re renting isn’t equipped with the security you’d like, but don’t want to lose your deposit, there are ways to secure it. 

You can install magnetic window alarms, motion sensor lights, and buy a big safe for your valuables. We never want to imagine our homes getting broken into, but it’s better to be prepared for it and stay safe than not.

Keep a safe rental home in winter too!

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