College rental properties can be a gift and a curse

House rules. You moved out to get away from those, right? Well, we promise to never set a curfew or require you to call your mom if you are running late. But there are a few things that we ask of our tenants. Not only do these house rules protect our landlord’s investments, but if each tenant follows them, you will benefit from the good behavior of your neighbors.

House Rules #1: Please Pay Your Rent on Time

Your lease will state on what date your rent is due and if there is a grace period. It also states that we have the right to charge a late fee. We really don’t want to, but if you are habitually late we are required by the landlord to enforce their lease agreement. Please, don’t make us the bad guy and pay your rent on time. We appreciate it.

House Rules #2: Take Out the Trash

All of our rentals have some sort of garbage pickup. All you have to do is bag it up and put it out there in time. Honestly, it is really gross when a tenant lets garbage pile up in their unit. Not only is it unsanitary but it attracts rodents, roaches and other nasty little creatures. So, please, let’s not have to call an exterminator because you don’t like to take out the trash.

House Rule #3: Turn Down the Music

Nobody likes the noisy neighbor. If you are renting an apartment, remember that there are others around you. We all love an awesome party but please show some human compassion and keep it down to a dull roar. Oh, and if your neighbor forgets this rule, just give us or the police a call and we’ll remind them for you.

House Rules #4: Want to Change Something, Please Ask First

We want you to feel at home. We want you to add those homey touches, but we do not want you to remodel our units. If you want to make a change to the kitchen or bath, please give us a call or send us an email with your idea before you start. Why? Well maybe we will cover the cost for you. Maybe we can send in a professional to help you. Or at least, we will be aware of what you are doing. Just remember, no matter what changes you make, please return the unit back to the colors and condition that you found it in.

House Rules #5: Get Your Pets Approved

Does your lease allow you to have pets? If so, we need to know before you bring Fido or Fluffy home. Most of our leases will require some sort of pet deposit. We also want to keep track of what pet you have in case we get a call from another tenant or if Fido escapes, we know where to return him.

We are overjoyed to have you as a tenant. If we all do our part to respect each other and treat the property with care, then we will be able to enjoy many years working together.

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