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We get asked daily, “What makes MoveZen different from other big brand management companies?”. In short, we’d say everything. Our company culture is something we all take great pride in and we fully credit that culture to our tenant and investors’ satisfaction.


Top-notch communication seems pretty rare these days. As most businesses face labor shortages, long wait times and impersonalized answers are the new norm leaving many frustrated. When it comes to your money and investment property, don’t you want a clear and reliable contact? With MoveZen, you get so much more than just basic answers. Personal account managers are eager and ready to answer your call. Why? Because we hate not providing the best service. We personally know the frustration of trying to get a hold of a national chain property management company and not getting answers back for days. If a fellow property account manager can’t get answers for lengthy amounts of time, we can only assume their own clients experience something similar. 

Above and Beyond Every Step

I absolutely cannot recommend MoveZen enough. I had the pleasure of working with Cat Worlds who has gone above and beyond every step of the way. From her prompt responses to her consistent and clear communication to her willingness to jump on the phone when ever needed, every interaction has been wonderful. I’ve worked with many property managers but despite this being my longest move (over 2,500 miles) this was absolutely the easiest. Thanks Cat!
Justin Evans

Size Matters:

Being locally owned and operated means we’re able to give our investors a more personal experience. MoveZen tenants and investors know exactly who to contact and are never left in the dark. Many large chains typically have multiple offices in one location with constantly shifting staff members. Things can get easily confusing with multiple people involved with one account. Misrepresentation, conflicting answers, and broken promises can break an investment property and often leads to high tenant turnover equalling more costs than benefits for investors. 

Read You Contract Carefully: 

Cut and dry contracts rarely mean cut and dry service. You’ll usually find hidden fees carefully sprinkled throughout and usually equate to hundreds of dollars a year. Don’t be surprised if you’re missing a random $25 here or there, these national chains are in the business of making every dime they can with as little effort as possible. Upcharging maintenance, fees for basic tax documents, and even fees for assisting you with utilities all help fill their pockets with no concern for yours. 

In addition to those hidden fees, your monthly property management expenses should be carefully considered. Noticeably, no two homes are created equal so how can anyone expect the same monthly management expense across the board? Most national chains, only offer home investors one management option with one set monthly management fee percentage. Why shouldn’t homeowners have more options customized around their particular needs and investment home? One size doesn’t fit all and we see no reason why property management should be any different. 

Undoubtedly, Property Management is no joke and certainly not easy, however, we try our best to make it so. Being a local company, we know it’s important to keep up the rapport with our community and part of that is rapport means being upfront, honest, and completely transparent. Moreover, if we spent all of our time trying to claim a 15% invoice handling fee, we’d never have the time to get down to the most important aspects of maintaining your investment. Home investors shouldn’t be nickel and dimed in an already expensive investment industry. The stress and worry should be eliminated with clear communication and expectations from both parties. Want to see how easy it is to switch management companies? We’ve got you covered!

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