​We are passionate about property management. We take it very seriously because we know that you have a lot at stake when you entrust the care of your investment property into the hands of a property manager. We strive to carefully balance the needs of both our property owners and our tenants.


Resident Testimonials & Property Manager Reviews

“Finding a place to rent across the country isn’t the easiest thing to do but Cat made the process seamless! We saw the place in person and completed the rest of the rental process from 3,000 miles away. She answered all our questions immediately and stopped by the house shortly after we moved in. She listened to all our comments about the cleanliness of the house, personally took a look at the things we were talking about, and dropped off the move-in checklist (a huge time saver since the printer was still with the movers). The owners left things in the cabinets, dishwasher, washer, and dryer and Cat promptly collected the items and returned them. We asked her for touch-up paint and in less than an hour she got it from the owners and dropped it off! On Tuesday we showed her one of the shelves in the fridge was broken. By Friday morning a replacement shelf was on our doorstep! Not only is Cat friendly and helpful but she responds to emails very quickly.

We really wanted to rent something more than an apartment and MoveZen Property Management was one of the few places that had listings. The website had tons of photos and the online application process was easy to complete. You can also chat with a representative on the website. We also love that you can pay your rent online. It’s great because each person can have an account, not just one account per property.”

S.W., Cary NC (Source: Yelp 11/20/2015)

“This is literally my first review… I even downloaded the app to do this because Cat is AMAZING!!! She is very knowledgeable, personable (she remembered my dogs names!!), and yet keeps it very professional. I am from PA and actually stumbled across this real estate company online. There were so many great reviews and now I see why. From the first time I called – I knew I was in good hands! I highly recommend this company and if I were you, I would definitely make sure Cat was your agent!!!”

Ashley N., Cary NC (Source: Yelp 12/21/2015)


Property Owner Testimonials Property Manager Reviews

The MoveZen team has brought a new level of professionalism to property management. I had to move from NC for a job and was concerned about renting my personal home. MoveZen professionally marketed the property and was selective during the tenant process. He placed a great family 3 years ago and MoveZen has been professional with both parties in every respect. They’re bookkeeping statements that I receive monthly also make it a breeze for me to keep track of the finances. I had enough confidence in him to purchase another property (this time an investment), and he found another qualified tenant and continues to show professionalism in this property as well. I’m able to be doing this from 700 miles away in Michigan!!

I’ve had 2 other management companies with other properties in the past. One was ok, the other was awful. MoveZen makes my life easy; they earn their commission!!”

Jason Start (Source: Google)

We are proud of our team. All of our staff is dedicated to quickly handling tenant issues and the needs of our owners as quickly as possible. All calls are handled quickly and professionally. Our maintenance team is experienced, polite, and prompt.

This has helped us to get these great ratings.

We are also in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and rated by their company as A+.

While you will find a few negative reviews, the vast majority have been extremely positive. In fact, I would be worried if you couldn’t find some bad reviews. Dealing with tenants is not always easy and as all landlords know, you can deal with some pretty difficult people. But we try our absolute best to create a good experience

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