Pilot Rental Property Showing Scheduler Program – ShowMojo for Charlotte/Rock Hill Rental Homes

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We’re excited to announce the launch of a pilot program utilizing the showmojo platform for scheduling showings on our rental properties in the Charlotte, NC and Rock Hill, SC metro areas. This pilot represents our ongoing commitment to leveraging innovative technologies to deliver superior service to our clients.

During this pilot phase, all showing requests for rental homes in the Charlotte/Rock Hill region should be scheduled exclusively through the showmojo system. For rental properties in all other markets outside of Charlotte/Rock Hill, please continue using our primary tenant screening and scheduling solution with Tenant Turner as normal.

Our company prides itself on building long-standing, loyal partnerships with our service providers. In fact, we’ve been with our current scheduling provider for almost a decade. However, the housing market has undergone a massive shift in the post-COVID era, driving us to make major changes to become a dramatically more dynamic company. Given our constantly evolving model, we must continually deliver leading innovative solutions at every step to ensure we stay ahead of our competitors.

The decision to explore showmojo was driven by their platform’s advanced customization capabilities that will allow us to better align our service offerings with our clients’ needs. Two key areas showmojo will unlock newfound flexibility include:

  • Empowering Independent Brokers and Agents Showmojo will provide our independent brokers and agents with unprecedented control over how they operate and market their businesses. This enhanced flexibility will enable them to be even more responsive and attentive to the unique needs of their clientele.
  • Streamlining Our Owner Services The showmojo customizations will also support the rollout of our new dedicated Owner Services offering. This program provides professional marketing and showing coordination, while still allowing landlords to self-manage other aspects like tenant applications, payments, and move-in processes based on their preferences.

What is ShowMojo and Why Should I Give them My Credit Card?

First, we never require a credit card to view our homes, either with Tenant Turner or Showmojo.

We do require a state ID though and without that a credit card might be considered. Some companies do require a credit card for self-showings though. As fraud grows to epidimic proportions we might even have to make that change one day, but as of now our system works well using just a photo ID. You can learn more about how ShowMojo handles credit cards and ID’s here

Ultimately, the substantial customization capabilities of showmojo, which are second to none, align perfectly with our vision of offering tailored, client-centric real estate services that put more control in the hands of our team. We’re also being judicious about this decision by first running a pilot program to ensure showmojo will deliver on the exceptional customer experience we demand.

We appreciate your patience and support as we thoroughly evaluate showmojo during this pilot in the Charlotte and Rock Hill markets. This trial period will allow us to finetune the platform and lay the groundwork to potentially offer nearly every housing service imaginable with ease and efficiency in the future.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any other questions about this pilot initiative or our future plans. We’re committed to continuous improvement and innovation in order to deliver maximum value and satisfaction.

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