MoveZen Air Filter Program

MoveZen Property Management will be supplying fresh air filters for our tenants for routine changing.

Enjoy clean air all year long with air filters delivered right to your door!

Choose the filters that best fit your needs and lifestyle.

Improve the function of your HVAC and save on your electricity.

To better serve our tenants we will now be supplying clean air filters* for a monthly nominal fee. Tenants will have the opportunity to select their preferred Merv rating filter and we will personally deliver them to your door. Each delivery will have enough filters for routine filter exchanging every two months.

Homeowners can rest easy knowing their investment homes’ HVAC system is well taken care of and their tenants are breathing comfortably.

Tenants are sure to see the difference in their air quality and with routine air filter changing, will certainly see a more efficient HVAC system decreasing their electricity usage.

*Air filters will only be delivered to tenants who are enrolled in our MoveZen Air Filter Program.

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