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At MoveZen, we are deeply committed to giving back to our community, and we are proud to partner with First Fruit Ministries in their noble mission. First Fruit Ministries provides holistic solutions that rescue victims from their traffickers, move people from the streets into housing, and bring healing to wounded souls.

A Sense of Home for the Vulnerable

First Fruit Ministries offers a sanctuary on their campus, creating a deep sense of belonging for those living on the streets. As homelessness and trafficking continue to rise in our city, First Fruit Ministries is extending their reach into the streets and dark places, offering hope and restoration to those in need.

Community Impact

  • Stable Housing for Victims: Each year, First Fruit Ministries provides stable housing for 30 victims of human trafficking.
  • Ending Homelessness: 24 families receive rental assistance annually, helping them transition from homelessness to stable living conditions.
  • Food Security: Through their food pantry, First Fruit Ministries distributes 729,475 pounds of food to food-insecure neighbors.
  • Essential Services for the Homeless: 514 homeless men and women benefit from showers, a laundromat, hot meals, and free medical care.
  • Street Outreach: 18,000 hot meals are served on the streets every year, providing nourishment and care to the homeless.

The Growing Need for Affordable Housing

As New Hanover County rapidly expands, the demand for affordable housing is at an all-time high. Unfortunately, rising living costs exacerbate disparities, making affordable housing unattainable for many, particularly those with mental, behavioral health, and substance abuse disorders.

Join Us in Making a Difference

We invite you to join us in supporting First Fruit Ministries in their mission to provide housing, rental assistance, and essential services to those in need. Together, we can help rescue victims, end homelessness, and bring hope and healing to our community.

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