We’ll Buy Your Wonderful Property Management Business

We have experience purchasing existing businesses, as well as capital.  Confidentiality and your privacy are of the utmost importance to us.  We are happy to sign a non-disclosure and can provide a template if helpful. However, rest assured as a matter of practice we do not disclose potential business partnerships.

Dear Area Property Manager,

We are interested in buying NC, SC, VA rental management companies, and would appreciate if this option were weighed by the business owner.  Are you hoping to retire soon? Do you have plans to move away from the area? Perhaps you have been wanting to move on to other opportunities?  How about getting away and focusing on your personal life?   It may be time to consider selling your business.

The rental management industry has likely peaked given the historic run-up in rents, combined with the unprecedented % of total income renters now pay for housing.  We however have committed to a long-term path of growing our rental portfolio for decades to come, therefore the next 5-10 years are only a small portion of our overall goals.  For this reason, we feel this could be a great opportunity for those who have for the most part, exceeded their goals.

You have accomplished great things in building your business.  Now may be the perfect opportunity to make an exit after achieving so much.   If after reflecting, you find that the time has come, we’d like to discuss possible options – We intend to treat your business as a prized gem if we were to work out an agreement. Even if now isn’t the right time, perhaps we should discuss a potential future plan.  We are long-term oriented and constantly looking to build relationships and expand.  We take extreme pride in our business, and feel any partnerships we forge will be a great endeavor for all involved.

We look forward to hearing from you and exploring the possibility of working together.

Please Note: We are currently only considering NC, VA, and SC.  We are open to most forms of rental management from long-term single family, to multi-family, and even the possibility of vacation rental management.  No HOA management for the time being however.  As mentioned, discretion is of the utmost importance to us, and we treat all inquiries with extreme privacy.  When in doubt, touch base and let’s discuss options.  Thanks!

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