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A Booming Market

Homes on average saw a 20% increase in value in the last 2 years. The median home value is $485K. 

People from all over the country flocked to Wake County

Quality of life Attractive Job Market Affordable Homes

Housing shortages caused big issues in the area as locals and transplants fought for homes. Prices soared overnight causing mass frustration and extreme bidding wars. 

Making Matters Worse

Large corporations like Zillow bought available homes creating an extreme shortage and over-inflated most regions. Homes previously for sale were converted to rental property. 

Rental rates followed suit and investors cashed in on the opportunity. Wake County was on the map. For many locals, buying a home was unattainable.

Will the housing market crash?

Experts believe Wake will see a flatten but never a true value decrease. With Fortune 500 companies calling this area home, high paying jobs and appealing lifestyle will continue to attract people in droves. 

Pretty Unlikely In Wake

Even with rising interest rates, Wake County is unlikely to see a crash.