5 Reasons To Rent your home instead of sell

Andrew Carnegie made the famous statement that 90% of millionaires created their wealth through property investing. While things have shifted a little in today’s modern landscape, millionaires still say that real estate is one of the best investments you can make.


Build Equity

Let your home build more equity over time while having your mortgage covered and then some. 

This creates a semi-hands-free way to build equity in your property. Providing you get good tenants, and you don’t have a high tenant turnover, you can basically “set and forget” your monthly mortgage payment.


Passive Income

Because who couldn't use a little extra monthly cash

In many instances, especially in growing markets, homeowners are seeing hundreds of dollars in additonal income, monthly. 

Money that can used to grown other investments


Attract A Different Kind of Buyer

Not everyones looking for a place to live

Property Investors are always looking to add to their portfolio. 

These investors are in the market for stable, profitable rental homes. Seeing your home listed with current tenants and visible monthly cash flow is a bonus to them. 


Tax Deductions

Avoid Capital Gains Taxes

tax deductable items for property investors

Property Depreciation

Mortgage Interest Deduction

Repair costs

Property management fees

And more...


Investment Security

A stable market without daily fluxions 

There will always be renters. And in todays steadily increasing market, there's little more stable for your family's financial security. 

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