how to save money as a landlord

The measurable goal of any rental property owner to have the highest return on investment possible.

This being the case, it is important to make investments in the property that renters will view as being of high value. One investment that you may not think of making to the outside of the rental property, rather than solely focusing on the interior.

According to Zillow, hardscaping is the new money maker in rental properties. Hardscaping gives the appearance that one’s property is more stable. For a renter that may not be used to living in the same property for a long period of time, this could provide security. It could also make a tenant who is used to renting a “property” feel like the tenant is now actually renting a home.

Hardscaping refers to the implementation of components such as rocks, bricks, and cement into the landscape. This is compared to softscaping which refers to the usage of plants, trees, or flowers in the design.

So, why the hype over hardscaping?

Zillow highlights 5 reasons that hardscaping could be the next big moneymaker for property owners.

1. Hardscaping helps minimize erosion.
2. Overall property value increases with implementation of hardscaping.
3. Hardscaping elements require less upkeep.
4. Hardscaping could provide alternative walkways and accessibility for guests, rather than walking through grass or on dirt.
5. Hardscaping elements do not require water, and therefore save on the water bill.

Next time you are in the market to update your rental property, take our advice. Implementing hardscaping into your rental property has obvious perks.

Pardon the pun… but, hardscaping rocks!

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